-The Darkin Blade

  • Fighter
  • Aatrox is a blood thirsty demon who wishes nothing but death to his enemies. He wants to consume their blood.


    -The Sad Mummy

  • Tank/Mage
  • Amumu is a young mummy boy who is cursed with loneliness and will never make friends with someone.


    -The Frost Archer

  • Marksmen
  • Ashe is just good at archery


    -The Emperor of Shurima

  • Mage
  • Azir was an Emperor for a great empire in the year 3000 B.C. He was said to have died of insanity (he wanted to take over the entire world with his unstoppable army.


    -The Great Steam Golem

  • Support
  • Blitzcrank was created by many generations of other robots. The generations go back so far, nobody knows who truly created this master-piece robot.


    -The Heart of The Freljord

  • Support/Tank
  • Braum is the kindest guy you will ever meet. Braum is known for his courage and saving people with his giant shield. He even saved a little poro from a hail of arrows



    -The World Eater

  • Tank
  • Cho-gath started out as a tiny little alien... Until he ate a bunch of stuff and became huge. Now he eats everything he can.


    -The Hand of Noxus

  • Fighter/Tank
  • Darius is a jerk, he leads the Noxian army with rage and destruction. Darius once decapitated his own soldier for looking at him wrong.



    -The Scorn of The Moon

  • Assassin
  • Diana is mysterious. Diana has no known friends or family. Most assassins have expansive backstories... Diana has none at all.


    -The Glorious Executioner

  • Marksmen
  • Draven is an axe-throwing psychopath who's ego is bigger than his axes. He has the best job. "Not Draven, DrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAven" ~Draven



    -The Boy Who Shattered Time

  • Assassin
  • Ekko is mischievous boy who saves his parents from death... by reversing time before it happened.